Inner Beauty Revealed in Switchfoot on the streets of Minneapolis

( [email protected] ) Apr 29, 2004 10:39 AM EDT

Switchfoot fans testify to the sincerity and authenticity of the band Switchfoot as a simple act of kindness took place on the streets of Minneapolis. Jon Foreman, lead vocalist of the celebrated Christian Rock band from San Diego, and the other talented band-mates have been reaching to the deeper ends and selling out with a growing fan-base. Now with new doors open as “Meant to Live” and “Dare You to Move” receives much airplay mainstream, the message of hope is more clearly spreading across the country through the network, MTV, that usually sends a clashing message. Jon Foreman boldly belts out the lyrics “We were meant to live for so much more! Have we lost ourselves?"

With the growing recognition of this gifted band, many fans are unable to get into the sold-out Switchfoot shows. On the night of one of the sold-out shows, some fans head out to purchase tickets for another show and unexpectedly run into lead singer Jon Foreman. Instead of passing by coolly, he says to them, "I know a lot of you didn't get tickets for tonight's show,” and on the spot, he performs three songs for the crowd of about 20 with a warm and serving heart. He also invited a homeless man to play along with bongos. This amazing act of humility that took place indicated the band’s heart of love for God’s people. The image of God was surely revealed to the world through one small gesture. Not only on stage, Switchfoot exalts the Lord full-time.