Redman Sets an Example for Worship Leading

The Making of Matthew Redman's "Facedown"
( [email protected] ) May 10, 2004 05:57 PM EDT

The latest album that has growing expectation among fans and worshippers, Facedown by Matthew Redman, is not only a historical moment for Matthew in his discography career, but also is a defining moment of release where Matthew sets the foundations of worship for believers around the world.

Redman has been in the worship-leading scene for some time. Although till this point, Redman has never quite had his own recording career, only writing worships songs in the background and offering them to prominent worship leaders like Rebecca St. James and Michael W. Smith to be re-recorded. According to Copyright Licensing International (CCLI), an organization that monitors its 143,000 church copyright license holders’ copy activity, Matthew Redman is one of the leading songwriters in Gospel music. As of now, Matt Redman has two songs in CCLI’s US Top 25 chart including “The Heart Of Worship” at No. 10 and “Better Is One Day” at No. 25.

In talking with Louie Giglio, founder and overseer of ‘Sixsteprecords’ and Passion, Redman reveals the example of worship for all worship leaders to follow. Redman reveals that true worship comes from the humility of the worshiper revealing the genuine leadership of the voice of God and the Holy Spirit. With the upcoming release of Facedown, Redman truly gives a testimony of being a spiritual leader in worship with the message embedded in the lyrics of his music. The lyrics of pieces in the new album are special in that it is very introspective and take a creative way to examine the reason for worship.

“When we face up to the glory of God, we soon find ourselves facedown in worship. To worship facedown is the ultimate outward sign of inner reverence,” says Redman of his vision for the project. “When it comes to expressing our worship, what we do on the outside is a key reflection of what’s taking place on the inside. Facedown worship always begins as a posture of the heart. It’s a person so desperate for the increase of Christ that they find themselves decreasing to the ground in an act of reverent submission.”

Aside from composing lyrics, Redman also writes as an author reaching out to the masses in evangelism, calling believers back to the wonder and awe of worship. The album Facedown is the work of Redman that follows his previous work, a published debut book from on Regal Books, "The Unquenchable Worshipper," which sold around 100,000 copies. In his work, Matthew writes of the foundation of worship based upon scriptures of Ezekiel 1, Daniel 10 and Revelation 7. It reveals that the worship that takes place before the heavenly throne room of God is facedown. Matthew continues to aspire to become a better teacher, mentor, songwriter and now worship leader with his diverse methods and eclectic sources of evangelism.