Mark Schultz

( [email protected] ) May 11, 2004 02:58 PM EDT

Beautiful, evocative, and pure would describe the songs composed by Mark Schultz. Songs of joy, pain, relationships, and faith are wrapped together in this wonderful collection, MARK SCHULTZ.

Revealing a thoughtful and insightful quality similar to that of Michael W. Smith, Schultz tells many tales of love and Truth through his compositions. Nearly all his songs were self-composed and hold true quality in the lyrics and musical layering.

MARK SCHULTZ contains slow and melodic songs that are deeply heartfelt and a few up-tempo songs. Schultz’ more popular tracks are “Remember Me,” a song that speaks to every heart about remembering what’s most precious, “He’s My Son,” a song that allows the listener to feel the loving yet painful heart of a father whose son is ill, and the uplifting song “I Am the Way” that reminds us of God’s absolute love and guidance.

“I've heard most of his songs and they're all awesome. His range is outstanding and his voice lets his message really get through to you. If you are ever lost or just need something to make you feel better, his music will do it. I strongly recommend this CD to everyone,” says Andrew from Granville, Illinois

1. I am the Way

2. Let’s Go

3. He’s My Son

4. When You Come Home

5. When You Give

6. Fall in Love Again

7. Cloud of Witnesses

8. Learn to Let Go

9. I Saw the Light

10. Legend of McBride

11. Remember Me