KJ-52 Highlight of "Church Nite" Event

1,500 Youth expected to attend
( [email protected] ) May 12, 2004 07:02 PM EDT

Dove Award winning artist KJ-52 will perform at the Light of the World Christian Center in Topeka Kansas, as part of the church’s free “Church Nite” event, at which 1,500 youths are expected to attend.

Marcus Rangel, 19, a youth intern at Light of the World, said KJ-52 was "the best thing to happen in Christian music."

Last month, KJ-52 received the ‘best rap album’ Dove Award for his “It’s Pronounced Five Two” album from 2003. KJ has been recording music for some 5 years, but was recognized only a couple of years ago when his song “Dear Slim” was released. “Dear Slim,” a parody of and open letter to the rapper Eminem, has generated both criticism and support over the past years.

According to KJ, however, he had not planned on releasing the first “Dear Slim,” but chose to do so after the response he received from performing it in concert. Subsequently, he released a “Dear Slim part II” as part of the “It’s Pronounced Five Two” album.

"It just goes to show that the song you think will be the most popular hardly ever is," said KJ, "while the one you don't think will be popular turns out that way."

While KJ’s style often follows that of mainstream rap and hip-hop artists, he said he does not feel pressured to follow the messages they portray.

"I don't look at it like I'm trying to compete with the mainstream acts. The music is what is most important. You've got to put out good music, said KJ. "If the kids gravitate toward it, great. And some of them have."