Supertones Shares of Singing the Message of Christ at Spring Concert

Interview with Supertones, about 'Living Out Loud' as Artists.
( [email protected] ) May 17, 2004 06:35 PM EDT

The Supertones, a veteran Christian band who has been in the Gospel music industry for years, comments many things about what Gospel music and media means to them today. An interview was able to be held with lead singer, ‘Mojo’ after their performance in Spring Celebration 2004 in Santa Clara, CA.

What is your opinion ministering music to a crowd that is not fully believers?

“Worship is supposed to be for to all the nation, it’s a problem that people don’t come to church very much. As supposed to be open to everyone, if you look at worship just as biblical, non believers won’t be able to see it. We should be more in front of them, should be more in the community.”

What is like working with other Christian artists?

“You know in rap you collaborate with other artists all the time, but rock it that much with rock. You don’t collaborate with bands that much, but it is always fun they always love it, because you do something and someone else comes and mixes that.”

What do you think really defines Gospel music?

”To call a certain style of music Gospel, I think Gospel/Christian music is an unnecessary label, and my honest hope is that in years to come Christian music will be non-existent, it will just people making music for Christ. Music reflects something what people do, reflects the center of it. It is like anything else people do, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you do music… Gospel is preached in your music and your work, and your songs should reflect the Gospel.”

Media is everywhere, it’s very necessary because in Matthew 28, it tells us to preach the Gospel everywhere, what do you think about the future of Christian media?

“Hopefully we harness it very well. There are capable people out there.”

In terms of young audiences, how do you attract young people to Christ?

“Attracting young people to Christ is like attracting old people to Christ, it’s with the Gospel. If you come up with a brilliant idea to attract rich people, if it’s not the gospel, then it’s not the gospel, it’s simple and nothing to it. Then they’re not receiving the Gospel. That’s the only thing that should attract people. It means being real and honest about your own beliefs for Christ.

“And other people think if they become a perfect image infront of everybody will bring some people to become Christian, and I don’t think it does. You know you have these condemning preaches who say “You need to be righteous as I am,” and they have a divorce. We must be honest, but hey, we’re all sinners… Gospel means I must repent.” It’s not just a showbiz…

“I know Switchfoot really well. Switchfoot didn’t change one bit, I think if you cut off message for sale, then you’re in sin. If you include Jesus in your songs, to put it on Christian market to make it religious songs, then you’re in sin. You’re just writing for yourself. It’s like one way or another, you’re a sell-out.

Revenge of the Orange County Supertones, how is it different from you other albums?

This one we really had the most control over it. We really went for it, natural. Lyrically I think it’s the best, there is a theme to it, the commission of the band is to see the broken-ness in the world, the disintegrating effects of sin and to reconcile that with the Gospel. Destruction of the planet, corruption, all the division, and corruption of sin, we also see the Gospel work out of it, we see people coming together is beautiful which will be completed in the Kingdom to come.