Summer Concerts Watch

Mark your calendars and pay attention to upcoming major dates for concerts.
( [email protected] ) May 18, 2004 06:48 PM EDT

The Season of Summer Concerts are here, the time where going to visit your favorite artists that come to your local area is the best opportunity.

Here is a small collection of major music festivals and concerts with featured artists. Heads up, and mark your calendars!

Alive Fest (Canal Fulton, OH - June 16-19) - Audio Adrenaline; Stacie Orrico; Rebecca St. James; TAIT; tobyMac

Creation East (Mt. Union, PA - June 23-36) - Audio Adrenaline; Stacie Orrico; tobyMac

Creation West (The Gorge-George, WA - July 21-24) - Audio Adrenaline; Stacie Orrico; tobyMac

Soulfest (Lincoln, NH - July 29-August 1) - Audio Adrenaline; Rebecca St. James

Spirit West Coast, Del Mar (Del Mar-N. San Diego, CA - May 28-30) - Audio Adrenaline; tobyMac

Spirit West Coast, Monterey (Monterey, CA - July 22-24) - Audio Adrenaline; TAIT; tobyMac

Kingdom Bound (Six Flags-Darien Lake, NY - August 1-4) - Audio Adrenaline; TAIT