Bebo Norma's Fourth "Try"

New Album Release from the worship artist compiles and unites many voices.
( [email protected] ) May 27, 2004 06:27 PM EDT

“Try,” Bebo Norman’s recent fourth album was released through Essential Records and to be hitting retail stores in August. The studio recorded album was recorded in Sputnik Studio (Jars of Clay, City on a Hill). Bebo worked for the first time with producers Mitch Dane (Jars of Clay, City On A Hill series) and Matt Bronleewe (Michael W. Smith, Natalie Imbruglia, Michael Tait).

"I've never been as excited about one of my records as I am about Try, and the reason is simple: I think I've rediscovered the joy of songwriting with this new project. The songs are very simple, very straightforward, and more than ever, at the heart of where God has me right this minute in this life that I feel so blessed to live."

Norman’s songs still reveal the personal life experiences in his lyrics. Through the maturation of the artist, the voice is brought forth sincerely. Robert Beeson, Senior VP of A&R for Provident Label Group, notes, "Try offers a maturity in songwriting that reflects a very spiritual and hopeful season in Bebo's life. He, once again, is able to capture the simplicity of life and relationships, while going deeper in broadening his connection musically… [It] sounds very real, honest and human, like Bebo. My prayer is that it will speak truth, hope and love into the hearts of the listener, as it has mine."

Matt Bronleewe notes, "Bebo breaks the mold of the traditional singer-songwriter, leaving no rock unturned in creating the best art he can. Whether it's an orchestra or a toy piano, nothing is out-of-bounds – the song leads the way. It's been amazing to work with someone so willing to push the boundaries and really stretch to make something lasting and unique."

Charlie Lowell and Stephen Mason of Jars of Clay and Fervent recording artist Jill Phillips all performed back-up vocals on the album. Try compiles songs written by multiple composers including Brandon Heath, Jess Cates, Chad Cates, Ed Cash and his producers, Mitch Dane and Matt Bronleewe.