Destiny's Child Artist Williams Continues with Second Gospel Album

Michelle Williams part of the trio of multi-award winning group shares her faith in Gospel music.
( [email protected] ) Jun 03, 2004 11:16 PM EDT

Representing a third of multi-award winning group 'Destiny's Child,' Michelle Williams is one of the world's most well known artists. However, there is another hidden image of Michelle behind the stage that displays Michelle's faith despite MTV coverages. Williams still holds tightly to her treasured position -- being a gospel singer.

Michelle made direct declarations of faith in her debut solo album "Heart to Yours." She also recently released her second album "Do You Know." Both are opening the doors for many mainstream fans to hear a message of faith.

Despite the trends of many artists going gospel and then switching over to mainstream, Williams reveals of her particular path in her singing career of her "reverse crossover" and how fans have reacted to her gospel endeavors.

"On my first album I made sure I gave people the gospel. But that wasn't as much what I wanted on this album. I had to talk about issues that are real, more about me, my life experiences and how God guides me through them. Just because you're a Christian doesn't mean you don't go through the same things or temptations or frustrations that people in the world go through. Because of that, people in the world look to see how you're going to handle what it is that you handle. In the writing, I made sure I talked about spiritual love, but I also talked about natural love. I talked about mistakes you can make in love—when you don't keep God in the center of that relationship."

"I think Christian and gospel artists are going to find themselves being even more artistically free and creative. They're going to get to do what they've always wanted to do, and also hopefully satisfy radio at the same time. There was a while when everyone started sounding the same, but it's now becoming very diversified. When one steps out and shoots for something different, everybody else wants to break free and try something different as well."