Fires of Life

Cool Hand Luke
( [email protected] ) Jun 15, 2004 05:45 PM EDT

Not your typical Christian rock band, Cool Hand Luke sets worship on fire with their very own unique and mellow sound. They speak of the fire of Christ, of hope during times of trial, and of the joy that comes in the morning. Containing much depth within the compositions, this rock album would amaze the listeners with its spiritually touching messages. WAKE UP O SLEEPER, Cool Hand Luke’s critically acclaimed debut in 2003, opens up art rock beautifully as the lead singer/drummer Mark Nicks wears his heart on his sleeve, revealing deep thoughts and conviction.

The second album, FIRES OF LIFE, picks up from where the first album left off, many would say. Nicks once again expresses deep insights that are entirely Scripture-based. Blatantly expressed in the lyrics is their conviction in Christ and Cool Hand Luke also sings with much pride in their wonderful Savior. The album follows the theme from Psalm 30:5 and the title is inspired by Isaiah 43:2. More musically textured with the piano and a new guitarist, (Chris Susi, in place of Jason Hammil) FIRES OF LIFE exceeds sophomore release expectations.

“Rats in the Cellar” and “I’m Not Ready” speaks of the hidden sins within one’s dark basement of the heart and the struggle of fighting against sin. But from the battle of sin to the victory in Christ, I’m not Ready links together without a pause to the next track, Sequence #3, which is the subsequent victory. "The Zombie Song" reflects on a very meaningful and important message in the Gospel; "we've forgotten our first love / and made it pictures of crosses and doves / Jesus, turn these tables over." And the last track positively speaks, "I know you feel you won't last another day / but when the fires of life arise / you will walk on through unscathed."

Though comparable in sound to secular band Coldplay, Cool Hand Luke shines as the rock band for Christ. Even as Cool Hand Luke performs live, their backs are to the audience, a symbol of giving all the glory to God. This thought provoking album is highly recommended for all people, but especially for those who enjoy low-key Alternative Mood Rock with life-changing lyrics.

1. Skydive

2. The Foster

3. Rats in the Cellar

4. Cinematic

5. I’m Not Ready

6. Sequence #3

7. Friendly Jas

8. I’m Not Running

9. The Zombie Song

10. Rest For the Weary

11. The Fires of Life