Christian Book Sales Surpasses Clinton's "My Life"

( [email protected] ) Jul 22, 2004 07:21 AM EDT

Christian author Mike Evans' new work, The American Prophecies surpassed the former President Clinton¡¦s bestseller, My Life on the Barnes & Noble¡¦s list as well as Amazon¡¦s.

Previously, Evans' work had replaced the president's book at the No. 2 spot on Barnes & Nobles¡¦ and Amazon¡¦s best-sellers list. Currently, as time progressed, the book eventually rose to the No. 1 slots on both lists. Evans has always played a formidable rival writer for the Clinton¡¦s. His last work, Beyond Iraq, also knocked out Hillary¡¦s book Living History on the Amazon List. .

The book has still yet to be released. According to data on presales, it shot up to the top spot last week on both Amazon's Nonfiction list and Religion and Philosophy list.

Evans starts off with his work with an opening written by former President Clinton¡¦s pastor:

"You might be president one day. You will make mistakes, and God will forgive you. But God will never forgive you if you abandon the state of Israel."

The work is gathering strength of a movement where Bible-believing Christians are rallying support for the President at this fall¡¦s election. At the same time, the book charges Clinton with the lack of moral clarity, which played as a core factor of the terrorist attacks in America, as the book claims.

According to Evans, the Arab hostility towards the West and America was fueled by the vague morals of the president and the rest of the nation. Evans explains that America has the liking to ¡§flirt with danger,¡¨ making relationships with Arab nations and establishing oil reserves.