Hawk Nelson Appearing on NBC Episode, "American Dreams"

( [email protected] ) Aug 04, 2004 11:17 PM EDT

Hawk Nelson (Tooth and Nail) is currently in Hollywood shooting for an episode of NBC¡¦s hit show, American Dreams. The band is selected by the produces to emulate the 60¡¦s band, The Who.

According to CCM Magazine, here are the artist¡¦s reflections upon the experience:

Today was a grand experience to say the least. We woke to the sunny sights of Hollywood, California. On this day we would prepare for the filming of "American Dreams," our first film experience. Our dreams of this place have transposed into a new found inspiration.

Mid afternoon we tried an approach not so "Hawk Nelson" - choreography. It turned out to be a blast, as we mimicked rock legends "The Who" with their hit song "My Generation". We got to visit the grounds of NBC and meet some of the actors/actresses in the show. It was honestly hard to tell which buildings were real, and which were make-believe for film. They had a burger joint set up in the middle of a parking lot....we were so hungry when we saw it, but guess what - it was fake!

Later on we got to record the vocals to "My Generation" at this huge and famous studio. I mean, Frank Sinatra recorded at this place! We were in sheer awe. In the evening our manager told us to go and play (as if we hadn't been doing that all day), so we strolled over to Universal Studios Hollywood and saw the sights. This day will go down as one of the finest in the history books of Hawk Nelson.