JCTV Introduces New Fall Lineup

( [email protected] ) Aug 31, 2004 09:39 PM EDT

“America's premier Christian youth music network,” JCTV, has introduced its new programming lineup for this fall. "This season JCTV has pulled out all the stops. We are rolling out programming that is fresh, thought provoking, and 100% entertainment geared,” says Vice President of programming, Mark McCallie.

The season begins with the new reality TV program, “Running On Adrenaline,” which offers an up close and personal look at Grammy winning, Platinum selling rock-group Audio Adrenaline. The show tracks the band on a nation-wide tour “playing gigs, joking around, and pondering life’s bigger questions.” (Businesswire) As McCallie states, “Running On Adrenaline” is, “[r]eality TV that puts the 'R' back in reality.”

Also on the bill is the late night program, the “Logan Show.” Hosted by comedian Logan Sekulow, the program is, “a one-hour, fast-paced show, featuring hilarious comedy sketches, dynamic music, live performances and exclusive interviews with today's hottest Christian artists,” that, “speak[s] a 'beat' that genX'ers can relate to.”

A growing phenomenon, JCTV, “offers its viewers stylish, faith-based, state-of-the-art programs, infused with original content and dynamic music videos.”

“JCTV, has young people around the nation tuning-in to see what this Gen-X music network will come up with next," states TBN insider and spokesperson, Colby May.

Paul Crouch Jr., Vice President of Administration at TBN, notes, "There's a massive youth audience out there that readily aligns itself with innovative faith-based programming. They applaud it. They return to it. They tell their friends about it. JCTV is armed with the ability, talent, and technology to do just that------create it and then deliver it to them in mass."