Gospel Film From Hong Kong reaches the Middle East

Hong Kong Christian film-makers using their art and talents To Win Many From
( [email protected] ) Dec 14, 2004 12:24 PM EST

Last week, December 9 at 6:30pm Middle East local time, “Greeting The Life – Play with Colors”, a gospel testimony film from Hong Kong, was shown for the first time in Arabic, broadcasting to a wide Arabic-speaking region from Africa to Russia.

“Greeting The Life – Play with Colors”is one episode of the famous gospel film series “Greeting The Life” which was produced by Goodnews Communication International in Hong Kong. Though the company started to make gospel films and TV shows only 2 years ago, Goodnews Communication has now produced more than 45 episodes of “Greeting the Life”, in which believers came and shared their true life story, testifying about how God worked in their lives.

Directed by the famous gospel filmmaker Kuan Shun-fei, “Play with Colors” tells the story of artist Wong Mei-lim, who had brain paralysis in her childhood. Wong’s muscle had no strength, so couldn’t even speak freely. So, she was mocked by her classmates. She cried and prayed every night, asking God to cure her. However, the next morning, she found herself still the same. While she despaired, she noticed a sentence written on a wall next to her school, “Don’t ask the environment to change, but ask God for the strength to face it”. She gave thanks to God, realizing that this was the answer that God gave her.

With this faith and strength from God, Wong Mei-lim learnt how to accept herself and how to create her life. She has a very good sense in colors. After studying hard for years, she received her PhD of Art in the University of California in America in 1992.

Now, Wong has held many exhibitions in Taiwan, USA, and South East Asia. She is also holding a painting class to teach children and even their parents. Her paintings are full of brightness and life, telling her love for life, and her gratitude to God. Her life can testify that there are infinite possibilities in our life.

Though famous in Hong Kong, this is the first time for the Goodnews Communication to show their film in an Arab region. This film was broadcasted by local satellite TV Sat-7, and it will be broadcasted in different periods of time in the following week.

Goodnews Communication said, “ It’s not easy to show ‘Greeting the Life- Play with Colors’ in an Arab region. It’s all by the grace of God that our films can be use greatly, and the message of the Gospel can transcend the limit of different zones.” In the Arabic World, to spread the Gospel is very difficult. They hope that this film can lead many people in the Middle East to know Christ, and to share the grace from God.

The film makers hope that with the release of this film, additional films will be broadcasted. So far, the Middle East remains one of the most troublesome spots for missions. Nonetheless, the fact that this film has touched so many hearts in the Muslim world goes to show that there are many individuals there who as truly thirsting for the gospel.