CCHC Music Ministry Presents "The Potter of Life"

The Chinese Christian Herald Crusade music ministry started their three-day concert at San Francisco Golden Gate Reformed Church, San Francisco Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and Daily City Presbyter
( [email protected] ) Mar 08, 2005 07:51 AM EST

Starting March 4, Friday night, the Chinese Christian Herald Crusade music ministry started their three-day concert at San Francisco Golden Gate Reformed Church, San Francisco Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and Daly City Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The theme of the concert is “The Potter of Life”, which is based upon the title and contents of their 6th edition of praise and worship album release in 2004. Along with presenting the new album, they brought a short clip illustrating their co-worker’s struggle with breast cancer and how she overcame the fear with faith in the Lord. Her name is Theresa.

In the 5th album, CCHC Music group featured a song called, “Jehovah is My Support,” which was written after Theresa was touched by God. While she was with the CCHC band, she traveled with them to various areas to perform. However, two years afterwards, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

As shown in the clip, in the beginning stages of her battle, She spoke bravely despite the limited possibility for recovery.

“I feel that the pain is like as if someone continuously beats my chest until I can’t endure it no more.” She explained. “Even though that is the way, whenever I compare the cross that our Lord had to carry, and the amount of pain that he suffered to my sufferings, I feel that my pain is nothing.” She continued to explain how she does not fear because the Lord provides her with the peace of heart.

Another source of comfort that she receive was that her son changed drastically in his life of faith. While she critically ill, where she could die anytime, her son promised her that he would rely upon God more. She said the reason was not because he sees her sickness, but rather it is because he sees the peace that comes through faith in the Lord.

Following the short clip, Rev. David Lee preached on the theme of "The Potter of Life" and audiences listened attentively. Following that the band performed some more songs, and then they ended their concert.

After receiving the message that was presented, some was very touched that tears came down their cheeks.

Speaking with Larry Ching, the team captain of the band, who organizes practices and holds various other responsibilities, our reporter were able to obtain a personal account of how CCHC music ministry came so far.

Larry said, “Our music ministry does not simply offer music, but we uses ‘testimonies to reach out to our audiences and listeners.’”

They have traveled to many different regions the world, such as China, Hong Kong, and Canada. “Every time is a new experience for us. Even though we may practice hard, say the same thing, and perform the same songs, what really motivates us and encourages us is seeing how people were touched by the truth of God.”

Another source of encouragement is from looking at the past video tapes, and reading emails sent by their supporters. Through these various reminders to the importance of their work, they are able to persevere through trials and difficulties.

“Even though we are not the greatest musician, we do make mistakes, but we wish to obey and follow as a team. When people see us they can sense the message. It has been 11 years since we first started in 1984. These times have shown us that God is true and he is always there with us. Thus, we will be his servant.”

In Nov. 2003, after releasing their 5th edition album, they began planning for the new album. In March of 2004, they started recording the 6th edition of praise and worship. By October of 2004, CCHC music ministry has finished recording its 6th edition of praise and worship song, and once more they are planning to make a new album before the end of this year.

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