The Days of Noah Reaches Santa Clara, California

Hosted by River of Life Christian Church, the first Chinese production team to access the Ararat Mountain to film “The Days of Noah” brought its new product to the Chinese Christians in the Bay Area –
( [email protected] ) May 03, 2005 04:15 AM EDT

SANTA CLARA, California – On May 1, 2005, hosted by River of Life Christian Church, the first Chinese film production team to access the Ararat Mountain to film “The Days of Noah” brought its new product to the Chinese Christians in the Bay Area – its last destination in the United States after New York and Los Angeles.

Led by producer Andrew Yuen, the event was constituted by a body of audience approximating to 450 in number, cast and crew from Hong Kong, River of Life Christian Church leaders and The Gospel Post reporters.

The Days of Noah was shown twice in the evening; the first being Mandarin and the latter being Cantonese – both with English and Chinese subtitles. Its content includes the process of Mr. Yuen and his team reaching Mount Ararat and finding forms of evidence related to Noah’s actual ark and local professionals explaining and guiding the team. The film is also enhanced with songs and music by Pasu AuYeung, Wong Kin Wai, Roland Leung and Jade Kwan which Mr. Yuen passionately complimented and said has gained ardent response from the viewers.

When the show was over, for about twenty minutes, Mr. Yuen stepped onto stage with a Cantonese translator and gave an expressive message concerning his film. As he said, the message of the film is quoted directly from the bible, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.” He hopes that the film will bring awareness to believers and non-believers alike about how the bible is not just a story and its prophecies are being fulfilled one by one to date. By proofing the existence of Noah’s Ark, he is proclaiming that God is real. So it was concluded with examples of recent increasing disasters such as floods, sicknesses like SARS, and even 9/11 which indicate the near end and the second coming of Christ.

The film evidently stirred the hearts of the audience because when Mr. Yuen gave an altar call at the end, more than ten people courageously stood up and agreed to accept Christ to be their Savior and Lord. Co-workers across the auditorium quickly attended to each one and packages of message and film were handed out to them.


GP: Mr. Yuen, concerning your film, please share a few words to the people over the internet through The Gospel Post newspaper online.

AY: This work begun in Hong Kong. During Easter, we got the opportunity to show our film and we received great response. It is the most successful Chinese Christian documentary film in ten years. The ticket sale exceeded 5, 000, 000 HKD!

There are two aspects to the movie. Firstly, the revelation we received through the process of filming is that we can experience how real God is and how He listens and answers our prayers. We were on the verge of death many times.

Secondly, professionals from over ten countries such as Japan, America, Europe, Egypt, China, Israel, and Turkey gave us evidence – proofing that the world did have a flood. I mean, there were traces of a real flood long time ago. At the same time, it tells us that the days of Noah will the same as the days of the coming of the Son of Man.

Most importantly, it is to inform everyone that life has many kinds of floods; marriage, work, health, etcetera – no one can help you through these floods; Jesus Christ, is today’s Noah’s Ark.

GP: How have you grown spiritually through the process of filming?

AY: Prayer. We faced many difficulties. The place was a military ground and war was going on. But God still opened a way for us. The weather was also very unstable. One time, when we were up on the mountain at 3, 800 meters, we had a hard time breathing because the oxygen is so thin. Furthermore, we have finished our food supply and every source of warmth is used up. I even wrote my will. We were thinking; if the next day is a good day, we can go further to film. If not, we can only wait. The interesting thing is that within a year, Mount Ararat only has an estimated seven days of good weather. We faced the danger of starving and freezing to death. So we continuously prayed and the conclusion is that God is real. He really listened to our prayers and answered our prayers. At the end, we overcame all obstacles.

GP: Why did you choose the Bay Area to play your film?

AY: This place is the headquarters of Chinese missions in the United States. Here, many Chinese dwell and we can serve the Chinese Christian community. We want to reach out to them. We hope that Chinese all over the world, whether Cantonese-speaking or Mandarin-speaking, can have the opportunity to see this. This is a great personal blessing.