Christian Slater: Global Fasting is Beautiful

( [email protected] ) Feb 02, 2007 12:36 PM EST

Hollywood celebrities have lauded a worldwide movement - Global Fast 2007 - aimed to unite millions in a day of fasting, prayer and charity. The "one day to change the world" is scheduled for Ash Wednesday, Feb. 21.

The Global Fast team appeared at this year’s Sundance Film Festival among the independent film showings, where actors were introduced to the young movement. According to a statement released by Global Fast, the movement was "a unique appearance at Sundance this year, because the film fest and faith world usually keep one another at a distance."

Pledged to make a significant charity impact, Global Fast challenges people of all faiths to fast and pray and donate the money that would have been used to buy food that day to feed the poor around the globe and to fight injustice.

"Fasting to change the world; this is beautiful!" said actor Christian Slater to the group and who took home a custom “Hungry for Healing” shirt.

The goal of the group is to introduce people to the advantages of fasting and charity and they believe that everyone, including superstars, can benefit from a day of real fasting and prayer.

The inspiration to start the movement came from the book of Isaiah which speaks about God’s call to “true fasting” by helping others.

Global Fast was one of many anti-poverty groups that attended the film festival, but its emphasis on the importance of faith, prayer and individual giving drew more attention.

"Real compassion means love and sacrifice for those in need,” explained Rich Halvorson, founder of the movement, in a statement. “Global Fast is about sacrificial love and asking God for real change through prayer."

Two independent production companies at Sundance, The Dream Factory and El Paso Productions, hosted various events for Global Fast.

"Dream Factory invited Global Fast because we were inspired by the movement,” said Andrew Bentler, producer of Dream Factory, in a statement. “It's a great grassroots vision that connects with our generation."

Brian Tee, who was premiering his film Finishing the Game, had the following to say about the movement: “With Global Fast, we can all be a part of the solution.”

The Sundance Film Festival, which ran from Jan. 18-28, had much controversy this year with the premiere of two films, Zoo, which depicted the issue of bestiality, and Hounddog, a film that featured a child rape scene of current young star Dakota Fanning.

The Sundance Film Festival is held annually in Park City, Utah. It shows independent films from around the globe, attracting much of the Hollywood industry interested in finding upcoming actors and directors.