Africa Mission Report: Congo

Jan 14, 2003 12:31 PM EST

Despite elevated violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, missionaries work to spread the gospel in the region. Medical Ambassadors International's Paul Calhoun says, "The essence of Community Health Evangelism is that it will be sustainable, by itself, indigenously, because the projects are really owned by the people of the villages. But this was a test that was rather severe, and we were holding our breath." Calhoun says their teams report the ministry has expanded to 113 villages, with impact in all areas. He maintains that the future is bright. "We continue to visit and get our headquarters' people into the area four times a year, but, if that again is thwarted, we still will be able to rely on the fact that this program is community owned, and will not only sustain, but increase."

By Pauline C.