OMF Releases "China Resource Pack" to Share Vision of China Mission

China has come into the scene of global mission in the 21st century as the world' s leading mission agency starts to focus in the country. OMF International has recently launched the "China Resource
( [email protected] ) Dec 20, 2005 05:34 PM EST

China has come into the scene of global mission in the 21st century as the world’s leading mission agency starts to focus in the country.

The Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) International has recently launched the "China Resource Pack", which includes a 140-page book, an interactive website, videos and a 30-day prayer guide.

Through introducing to people the real in-depth picture of China in terms of its history, religion, people, culture and issues, the resource pack aims to mobilize people to action- going to China, praying for China, giving to God’s work to China, or welcoming Chinese traveling abroad- for the spread of Gospel in the great land.

OMF have seen great potential of the mission in China in the 21st century because of the revival of Christianity in China in recent decades and yet a huge number of population- 1.2 billion of Chinese souls- has still not heard about Christ.

In one chapter of the 140-page book in the resource pack, the theme is "China: Land of Opportunity?" It says, "Though China is a Communist country where officially ‘missionaries’ are not allowed, this has actually served to expand rather than shrink the opportunities for foreign Christian involvement… China needs more of God’s people to be channels of his blessings on that nation."

A foreign worker named Gerald shared that God has given him numerous opportunities to share Christ while he was a language student in China.

"The thing I like most about our lives here we have never once knocked on a door, handed out a tract, persuaded someone to listen," says Gerald. "They just all want to know. I’m filing in with what God is doing rather than pushing my own agenda. It’s not like I’m having to push open doors."

Some of the other special features of the resource pack include an overview of Chinese cultural practices and how these have been rapidly changing; a synopsis of the key issues and events shaping China today; reflection pages with Scripture and questions for readers and among others.

The renowned China expert Tony Lambert, who is the author of "China’s Christian Millions" and "The Resurrection of the Chinese Church", has also offered some writing regarding his insight into the future of Christianity in China.

The website is also part of the resource pack. It is basically an interactive presentation of the history, religion, culture, people, and current events in China.

The "China Resource Pack" is very useful for Christian organizations, mission agencies, schools, churches, small groups, prayer cells and individuals with an interest in China. It is now available to order online on the website

OMF International, formerly the China Inland Mission, was founded in 1865 by British missionary pioneer James Hudson Taylor. In the 1930s the CIM had more than 1,300 missionaries working in China. Today OMF’s focus is on East Asia’s two billion people. OMF is an international, interdenominational, Christ-centered faith mission agency composed of members from 30 different countries.