COCM US and Europe Coworkers Exchange Insights on Evangelism

A leading Chinese mission group focused on Europe will soon have its United States broad meeting for both ministers to exchange their insights on evangelism.
( [email protected] ) Mar 31, 2006 06:56 PM EST

A leading Chinese mission group focused on Europe will soon have its United States broad meeting for both ministers to exchange their insights on evangelism.

The USA Board Meeting is scheduled on April 8 in Hartford, Connecticut. COCM General Director Mary Wang and another council member Ernest Kong will be traveling to join the meeting, which aims to share and map out the plans for the coming months and participate in the many short-term mission activities every year, according to the April’s newsletter.

On March 30, the two coworkers have arrived in New England area of the United States. They were invited by the COCM USA Board to share at different Chinese Churches about the work and needs of Europe.

"Indeed we need all the help from brothers and sisters who have a genuine love and concern for the thousands of Chinese scattered all over Europe. The harvest is indeed ripe and ready for harvest but where are the laborers?" said Wang.

Over the past few weeks, the COCM USA members - Dr. William Ho and his wife Dr. Esther Su- have also gone to the United Kingdom and spoken at many meetings particularly for students from China. Through their touching testimonies, many people have experienced a change of life.

In the recent years, many mission organizations have started to recognize the tremendous growth in the evangelism among Chinese in Europe. That can be explained by the increase in the number of overseas students from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan since the 9/11 incident in the United States. It was reported that students from Mainland China can get a visa to Europe easier than to the U.S. The number of overseas students in Europe has even exceeded that of the United States.

Since most of these students from Mainland China are very likely to go back to mother land after graduation, they are the potential evangelists in China if they have converted to Christians. Thus, mission organizations have started to provide more pastoral resources to nurture this generation. For example, the U.S.-based evangelical Christian Overseas Campus Magazine will publish its first Europe edition in June.

"Please continue to remember this vital ministry of reaching the students from China with the Gospel. Many are still very open and we must seize the opportunity while it is still there," Wang calls on prayers for the ministry with Mainland students in the newsletter.

In the U.K, according to Wang, many Easter conferences will be held in different parts of the country in April. New Mandarin conference is being newly launched at North England and South England, showing a growth of Mainland Chinese congregation.

"Please pray for all the preparations for these Conferences and also for the speakers and counselors. These are great opportunities for us to share the Gospel with the many non-Christians who will be attending," Wang concluded.

COCM is founded by the late Pastor Stephen Wang, who began the gospel ministry among the Chinese in 1950. In 1950, the Chinese Church in London was established as well. Over the years, COCM has continued to reach out to various types of Chinese in the U.K. and Europe, an extensive network of Chinese churches has been formed as a result.