Congo To Establish National Government

Feb 12, 2003 09:11 PM EST

The United Nations estimates the establishment of a national government for the Congo to be between late March and early April. Food for the Hungry, a Christian relief and development organization dedicated providing spiritual and physical food to the impoverished believes the transition to be beneficial for ministries. "People recognize their own sense of fatigue and just wanting this thing to end. So, there is incentive for all parties to get this thing taken care of, and I think that gives us some sense of optimism. The transitional government is going to have to deal with the complexity of the varying Mayi-Mayi guerilla factions," said Ben Homan, a speaker for FFTH. "It doesn't matter what the blockade is and what the impediments are, we are going to go forward and demonstrate God's love. We've been dealing with these bottlenecks and these problems all along the way; it's not going to stop Food For The Hungry from doing its work."

By Pauline C.