Reverend Mark Creech

Mar 18, 2004 09:12 PM EST

Rev. Mark H. Creech is Executive Director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc. He was a pastor for twenty years before taking this position, having served five different Southern Baptist churches in North Carolina and one Independent Baptist in upstate New York. In 1999, Dr. D. James Kennedy, founder of Coral Ridge Ministries and The Center for Reclaiming America awarded Rev. Creech the national distinction of the Salt and Light Award for "Outstanding Pastor." Barbara Collier, Field Director for The Center for Reclaiming America said, "If every Pastor in America would do what Rev. Mark Creech has done, we could turn this nation around for Christ."

Rev. Creech has also been a progressive leader in Southern Baptist denominational life, active in the field of Christian Education, and personally involved in foreign missions efforts. On an evangelistic tour throughout the nation of India in 1997, he met with Mother Teresa and discussed her approach to the issue of abortion. "This was the beginning my fullness of understanding," says Rev. Creech, "of my duty as a minister not only to share the Gospel, but to obey Christ's cultural mandate."

Rev. Mark Creech is married to the former Kim Doumar of Norfolk, Virginia. Their 24 year union has produced two grown children: Matthew Benjamin Creech (21), who currently serves in the United States Coast Guard aboard the USCG Barque Eagle, and Meredith Creech (19) who lives in a neighboring city.