Benediction for Christian Post Offline Edition: Dr. Rev. Samuel Ling

( [email protected] ) Apr 01, 2004 05:21 PM EST

Who will speak for truth today? Moment by moment, the world of entertainment, technology, materialism and pagan values bombard the Christian, and threaten the foundational values of our civilization. At the same time, the body of Christ grows in numbers and significance in Third World, such as Asia and Africa. Will this multi-ethnic, international community of evangelicals speak the truth revealed in Scripture, and apply it as salt and light in society and culture? Christians ?particularly laypeople ?are the church’s spokespeople in society. The Christian Post is a welcome addition to the Church’s public witness. As the meaning of language continues to erode in our culture, as text often surrenders to context and power, may truthful reporting and responsible commentary enhance the Church’s influence in the world. May the God of truth be honored.