Yushan Theological College Faces Financial Difficulties

Dec 18, 2002 04:16 PM EST

In a time of economic downturn and higher than average unemployment in Taiwan, Yushan Theological College, an agency of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) devoted to the education of Aboriginal church workers faces financial difficulties. The deficit for the current semester is already a million Taiwan Yuan (30,000 Euros).

College vice-president Chen Nan-chou says, "We are extremely grateful to the finance committee of East Gate Presbyterian Church in Taipei for extending a helping hand. They have made up our deficit, but this is only a stopgap measure."

Dr. Chen noted that some of his college's students have not been able to pay their room and board fees this semester. Tuition payments are also in arrears. He expects the situation to continue, but hopes that church members nationwide will show their concern for Aboriginal brothers' and sisters' theological education.

He suggests that each church devote a portion of their year end surplus to Yushan and other needy institutions. Apart from the student fees, Dr. Chen said that the faculty training fund was also seriously short of funds, projected to exceed 90,000 Euros in this academic year alone.

A deficiency in faculty training will have long term effects on the school's future and the quality of its graduates. Anyone wishing to make contributions to meet the school's needs in these difficult times is welcome to contact Yushan directly.

For more information: Yushan Theological College.

By David Alexander