Increased Church Involvement in the City and on Indian Reservations

Mar 01, 2003 03:20 PM EST

Here’s Life Inner City Ministries calls on churches to fulfill their Great Commission of helping their neighbors. HLIC’s Ted Gandy says churches have a Biblical obligation to get involved. "Many people want to do something, but they don't know what to do. And so, Here's Life Inner City recent has put together something called 'Compassion By Command' (, which is a innovative video based Bible study designed to motivate and train Christians to reach out to the poor in their communities." According to Gandy there's a lot people can do. "Teaching English as a second language. Doing job training, or life skills. Or, they may get involved in childcare. All those things are not ends in themselves, but because they're caring in a compassionate way for people, it's a tremendous opportunity to share Christ and lead people to the Lord."

Worldwide Christian Schools focuses on educating students on the poorest Indian reservations. WCS spokesman Dale Dieleman says they hope to train Lakoa students. "In terms of setting up an alternative vocational school which will also be really understanding more of their own roots and their own cultural heritage as well as leadership skills and even business skills and how to set themselves up in small business, etc." Organizers say they hope to show God’s love through job training and self-esteem building exercises. "We want to partner with them but not really to take the leadership. Working with basic Lakota values but also interpreting them through the eyes of Christ and through biblical perspectives."

By Paulina C.