A Christian's love and faith has saved a dysfunctional school

( [email protected] ) Jul 03, 2003 04:03 AM EDT

A teacher's faith in God has changed an mostly African American inner-city school in Michigan, Charisma News reported on 30.

Ruth Jones, a Christian teacher said "God sent me to the struggling Henry Paideia Academy in Grand Rapids to give the students "a chance at life."

Henry Academy was about to become the only school in Grand Rapids' history to be closed by failure, 10 years ago. There were only a quarter of its students who actually graduated from high school and noone chould go to college. Students were in poverty and opend in rough nature of many crimes and drug abuses.

Today, The school has changed dramatically that local media got interested in reporting about the school and Jones, the orginator of the change. The school has even received numerous awards and accolades. The former Michigan Gov. John Engler and Texas Gov. George W. Bush. Now the school has a waiting list for admission.

When Jones first came to this school, she wasn't an experienced professional teacher. "When my files ended up on the supervisor's desk as a candidate to lead this troublesome school, I realized God wanted me to get this position," Jones said.

"When I first had an interview, I told the interviewers how God changed my life, which is my philosophy. I said 'God is bringing me to this school because He wants to heal these children and give them a chance at life," she said.

How she changed the uncontrollable students was by love and faith. "As I touch the children, I pray 'Thank You for the anointing that will destroy the yoke of dullness. the yoke of sadness and depression," Jones said.

Moreover she addressed the students' practical needs. Because most students live in poverty, she installed four washing machines and dryers to clean the students' clothes. She worked with more than 80 volunteers who can do everything from comb hair to tutor in readingand math. Also the students learn parenting skills.

"I wanted my students to get the same quality of eduation and live in the same quality of environment as other students do."

"We sow nothing then we reap nothing," Jones said.