Pastor Teaches Students to Stand Up for Christian Civility

( [email protected] ) Feb 12, 2004 02:39 PM EST

Pastor Tim York of Heritage Free Will Baptist Church in Ashland is indignant over the recognition given to a pro-homosexual group on campus, Agape Press reported.

For about two years, there had been ongoing dispute between the Boyd County school and the American Civil Liberties Union. In April, a federal judge ruled that excluding the GSA violated students equal access rights.

After months of negotiation with the ACLU, the school board recently agreed to allow GSA to hold meetings on school campus and provide homosexual tolerance and anti-harassment training classes for students, faculty, and staff.

However, Pastor York says the decision is not acceptable in accordance to following morality. He feels the federal court is allowing the homosexual agenda to reign over public schools across the country. "Morally, those who are opposed -- whether they are Christian or not -- are embarrassed. They are very ashamed that that kind of lifestyle is being promoted in the school system," he said.

Although York is disappointed with the outcome, he is willing to be more persistent in spreading the words of Christian morality to the youth, which is "to treat everyone with honor and human respect, to take their Christian stand, to share their moral views but make sure they're not harassing, that they're being very kind and gracious," he said.

Pastor York wishes to raise the students to be "a good light and salt in a world that is so dark."