Chicago InterVarsity Student Preparing Mass Evangelism Campaign

( [email protected] ) Mar 05, 2004 09:15 AM EST

At the University of Illinois, leaders within the student-run InterVarsity fellowship are gearing up for the InterVarsity 2+ program. This massive evangelism effort will promise to unite many people with the great love of God.

The plan calls for each leader to pray constantly for two friends needing to accept Christ into their heart. Also, each leader will be required to find one active participant in the campaign, and spend time praying with that person. It is hoped that through praying together, both partners can both give strength and account for each other. Each time the partners meet, both are required to fill out prayer cards as well.

The program so far has yielded much enthusiasm within the InterVarsity community. Many leaders within the fellowship have shown much interest in evangelizing to friends whom have yet to feel the overwhelming love of Christ.

Though there is much enthusiasm, most leaders agree that prayer is the essential factor in ensuring the success of this great effort. In one case, twenty Asian non-Christians often show up for InterVarsity meetings and events. Of the twenty, twelve of the non-Christians say they attend because other members had prayed for them.

Though there is much to do, the evangelizing effort promise to re-ignite a passion for Christ at the campus in the University of Illinois.