Bethel Seminary of the East sends mission team to Ukraine

A team from Bethel Seminary of the East sent to Kiev Christian University in Ukraine to provide the students with an education of the Christian life.
( [email protected] ) Apr 26, 2004 07:09 PM EDT

The mission trip, which will be taking place between April 16~30, was motivated by Hansen¡¯s 2002 experience of teaching theology at Kiev Christian University and the students¡¯ need to integrate their faith, theology, and experience.

The team consists of Professor of Theology Wayne Hansen and students Michael Moran, Robert Beckwith, Karen Zacher, and alumna Janet Aronson. They will teach the spiritual disciplines of the Christian life in ten sessions including developing a personal prayer life, meditation on Scripture, fasting, simplicity, solitude, and submission.

After the Soviet collapse in 1991, evangelicals and others have been exploiting such opportunities to be represented on a most needy mission field. According to Hansen, ¡°There is a greater openness to ministry in that part of the world. However, by our standards, it is still somewhat regulated. There is a fair amount of government control, and the KGB is still in operation. Ministries are still being watched.¡±

Hansen also believes the trip will leave a powerful impression on the students on the team who will be in an unfamiliar territory where they are totally dependent on God and others. "Since none of us are competent in speaking Russian, this sense of dependence will be very much present for all of us. My students will also be struck by the much lower standard of living for many in Ukraine. It is my hope that this trip will create in us a greater sense of care for those beyond our immediate view; a passion for the gospel of Christ to go to the ends of the earth; a desire not only to promote missions in their churches, but to do missions wherever God opens a door; and greater selflessness," says Hansen.