New Graduate Scholarship Day Program at Tyndale Seminary

( [email protected] ) Jun 25, 2004 12:48 PM EDT

Tyndale Seminary will offer a Graduate level Day Scholarship Program to train biblical exegetes to expound the Word of God from Hebrew and Greek, beginning this fall.

With many Evangelical schools without clarity in explaining and teaching the Scriptures, the Seminary designed a language intensive 100 Hour Advance Program.

The program will teach Greek and Hebrew, enabling students to study the Bible in the languages with a graduate financial Scholarship which covers most of the tuition for interested students.

“Tyndale Seminary holds great confidence for this unusual approach to graduate work. We believe this may be o¬ne of the finest and most complete programs of its kind ever offered,” a seminary official commented.

Faculty of the new program includes resident faculty as well as guest faculty, Dr. Thomas Ice, Dr. Robert Lightner, Dr. Randall Price, and Dr. Mike Stallard.

The study, which runs two and half years, is composed of Basic Greek and Hebrew, Prolegomena, Basic Hermeneutics, Canon, Advanced Evangelical Hermeneutics and more.

There are three ten-hour credit semesters each year, first term beginning in September 15.