5,500 People Attend Lecture Series With Lee Strobel

( [email protected] ) Jun 26, 2004 01:00 PM EDT

Defending the Faith Lecture Series had its kick-off on June 1 in Biola’s Calvary Chapel with 5,500 people. The series continued from June 3 to June 24 every Tuesday and Thursday.

Speakers included Lee Strobel who is best known for his book, “The Case for Christ,” J.P. Moreland, John-Mark Reynolds and Craig Hazen.

The program featured report on new advances, new arguments, and news from the frontlines of the battle for ideas.

Newly released DVD “Jesus: Fact or Fiction”, produced and distributed by The Jesus Film Project by Campus Crusade for Christ, was given to all attendees on June 1. The DVD, which some have called “one of the best evangelistic tools in modern times,” features “discussion among Christian scholars and writers about the compelling evidence for the reliability of the Christian worldview.”

Biola University will present three different series every year in the fall, spring, and summer with completely new set of lectures.