Statewide Christian Education Congress Held in Arkansas

( [email protected] ) Jun 28, 2004 12:37 PM EDT

The 60th annual Regular Arkansas Missionary Baptist State Convention Congress of Christian Education was organized by New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church on June 6 at Old Post Park in Russellville.

The gathering drew about 750 children ranging in ages from five to 18 across the state for one of the highlights of the conference, the Young People’s Retreat.

“After the retreat, (the children) had encouraging words from ministers from Pine Bluff and Dumas on the theme of ‘Chosen, Changed and Commissioned,’” said Rev. G.T. Scott, a pastor at New Prospect.

“The Great Debate” was also organized by the youngsters on the subject of outward appearance: “Should the inner person of Christians young people be reflected in their outward appearance?”

New Prospect’s Rev. Alex D. Bray who served as host pastor for the congress said the gathering was a great success.

“I really think that the people of New Prospect did a really great job — from the groundskeeper to Benyard Jones with Arkansas Tech University,” said Bray.

Bray added that D.L. O’Neal, president of the congress, said that the Russellville gathering “was one of the best ever. He made New Prospect the benchmark of every other Congress.”

During the week several members of the church completed the requirements for certification which would allow them to teach at the next district congress which will be held July 19-25 in Pine Bluff.