Gordon-Conwell Seminary Expands Urban Ministerial Campus

( [email protected] ) Oct 06, 2004 06:41 AM EDT

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary purchased a 15,511-square-foot building at Dudley Square, Boston in an attempt to move its Urban Ministerial Education program to the new location.

While the seminary is going through a major renovation, Gordon-Conwell Administrators are working to raise $6.2 million for the new campus.

The relocation is a significant expansion of its Urban Ministerial campus. According to a spokeswoman, the program has only 3,000 square feet in Jamaica plan.

The seminary will expand its library, prayer room, several classrooms, faculty and staff offices and a large seminar and conference room with video conference capabilities.

President Walter C. Kaiser Jr. stated that the move marks a "return to CUME's historic roots." The new campus is located 200 years from Twelfth Baptist Church where CUME classes have been held since 1976.

Seminary officials say that the new campus will be named in honor of the church's senior minister, Michael E. Haynes, who has been a ministerial staff for 53 years.

Students will be allowed to take classes held at the seminary's South Hamilton, Mass., and Charlotte, N.C. campuses. Class sites are also spread throughout the state and New England with sites in Springfield, Lawrence and Providence, R.I.

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is a protestant graduate school serving more than 2,000 students between two campuses in Massachusetts and North Carolina.

The seminary plans to occupy the new campus in Boston by January 2006.