Gospel Spreads Through the Dark Continent

Mar 06, 2003 01:34 PM EST

Africa Inland Missions report advancements in the spread of the Gospel in the Democratic Republic of Congo despite internal strife. Ted Barnett with AIM says, "We have a program going on to bring aid into that situation, distributing emergency supplies, helping build the refugee settlement camps. We're involved in welfare work, in spiritual care and counseling, and the distribution of Bibles to those who've lost theirs."

Barnett says the challenge is spiritual. "Pray for protection and safety for the already displaced populations and for the national church there, the mission and the aid workers that are there, for their safety, for their spiritual insight; for the ability to help in every way that is needed."

Audio Scripture Ministries also report good news from West Africa. According to ASM, the people of Senegal are listening to the gospel of John in “chant.” Since only a third of the population are literate, ASM contends that oral communications are crucial.

By Pauline J.