CGST Gives Lectures on the Growth of Christianity Addressing Cultural Shift

A well-known theological seminary in Hong Kong will give lectures on the growth of Christianity as it 'is fast becoming' one of the main religions around the world.
( [email protected] ) Jan 04, 2006 07:05 PM EST

A well-known theological seminary in Hong Kong will give lectures on the growth of Christianity as it "is fast becoming" one of the main religions around the world.

The China Graduate School of Theology (CGST), an evangelical inter-denominational theological seminary, has asked Dr. Lamin Sanneh, a professor of World Christianity at Yale Divinity School to give the lectures on Jan. 4-5 at the CGST Chapel in Kowloon Tong, located in Hong Kong.

The main title of the lectures is "A Post - Christian West and Post - Western Christianity: The New Frontier," with the sub lecture titles -- "New Testament Bearings" and "The Empire and the Frontier" -- held on Wednesday and -- "New World Paradigm and New Birth of Missions" and "Colonial Aftermath and Resurgent Christianity" -- on Thursday.

Regarding the lectures, CGST said on their website, "Christianity has become, or is fast becoming, the principal religion of the peoples of the world."

"Primal societies that once stood well outside the main orbit of the faith have become major centers of Christian impact," CGST said, adding that "Europe and North America, once considered the religion's heartlands, are in noticeable recession."

In the middle of this cultural shift and the growth of Christianity, "the lectures will explore this new reality and its possibilities for study and engagement," CGST concluded.

The vision of CGST -- to serve Chinese Christians through theologically-based education -- became a reality when the school was formed in Hong Kong on Sept. 28, 1975. The movement began in the mid-60s through prayers in the United States.

Their goal is to help students progress in their faith, by enriching their knowledge of God and His work so that they can dedicate what they have learned to assist their pastors and ministers.

Through meeting today's unprecedented challenges, CGST hopes to build up the students in taking opportunities, such as church growth, renewal, and evangelization, in order to spread the Good News not only to the Chinese but to the world.

The key note speaker has a PhD in Islamic history at the University of London. He taught at the University of Aberdeen and Harvard University before assuming the Chair of Missions & World Christianity at the Yale Divinity School. He has written over 100 articles and numerous books, including Piety and Power: Muslims and Christians in West Africa (1996).

Moreover, he is a member of the Board of the Institute for Advanced Christian Studies, an editor-at-large of The Christian Century, an ecumenical weekly, a contributing editor of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research, and serves on the editorial board of several academic journals and encyclopedias.

The CGST website in the U.S. said, "CGST is committed to developing spiritual leaders in the Chinese church. Rooted in Hong Kong and committed to China, our mission is to affirm the Great Commission, to shape pastors and lay leaders with integrity, and to aspire to an excellent theological tradition that integrates life and spirituality."

Most of their graduates have become pastors, evangelists or missionaries, while others are serving in theological education, Christian literature ministries, and para-church organizations, with many of them serving as lay leaders in their own churches and witnessing to Christ in their professions.