Evangelism Training in China

Mar 12, 2003 11:54 AM EST

Evangelism Explosion Ministry reports a boom in evangelism training in China, despite heavy persecution against Christians. EE’s Buddy Gaines said they held six clinics last year, and are planning for 10 more this year. Gaines notes, "They are in the process of building, I think it's, a six story building. Which will be a training center. A portion of the that building will be dedicated for the Evangelism Explosion training. And, their goal is to bring in pastors from all of the provinces, train them, and then send them back to do this ministry." Gaines says funding is needed to help with this project. "To give scholarships. And, then of course the adapting the materials to the Chinese culture there. We're printing new materials. They're setting up and office and they need some office equipment. So, we're looking at a $75,000 project for this year."

By Pauline J.