Scotland Vote for Women Bishops

Jun 14, 2003 09:08 AM EDT

Scotland Church voted yesterday to allow woman bishops, the Guardian reported on 13.

The Synod of the Scottish Episopal church voted that women priests can become bishops. The vote, held in Edinburgh was carried easily as only 24 votes were against the alteration, which comprised of over two-thirds of the majority.

Beginning this year, women priests who would retire, due to the prohibition of women bishop sanctification, are now able to become bishops. Also as the Rev. Douglas Cameron, the Bishop of Argyll and the Isles retires in October, the candidates for the replacement includes women.

"The vote was held in three houses, the bishops, the clergy and the laity. And all seven out of seven bishops voted for women bishops," said a spokesman of the church.

Now the Scotland Church's decision to allow women to be elevated to the bishop's position influences the Church of England, which still opposes the idea of women bishops. Women are allowed to become bishops in America, Canada, New Zealand, Polynesia and Ireland.

By Young Sun Lee
[email protected]