Bible for Feminists

Translators to modify passages seen as 'biased'
Sep 30, 2003 11:36 AM EDT

You've come a long way, Virgin Mary?

To demonstrate there's no glass ceiling in heaven, the German Evangelical Church has undertaken the ambitious project of retranslating the Bible in gender-neutral terms.

Ananova reports more than 50 translators are hard at work on a new edition of the holy book. They're rewriting passages seen to discriminate against women, using "unbiased and unjust" language.

Specifically, the term disciple is to be changed to "disciples and disciplesses."

Translators will also remove references to "Lord" and "Our Father."

The project is expected to take up to a year. Gueterslohe publishing house is expected to print 10,000 copies of the revised Scriptures.