Ethics of Life in Christian Perspective

( [email protected] ) Nov 24, 2003 01:02 PM EST

The participants of the international conference „Ethics of Life in Christian Perspective“ held from 3rd to 5th October 2003 in the framework of the Central European Catholic Day 2003-2004 in Bratislava discussed the issues of present biomedicine, bioethics and biopolitics in the perspective of Christian spiritual and cultural heritage of all nations and states in Central Europe as well as over its borders.

In the declaration stated: „This task is even more urgent due to the coming entry of these countries into the community of nations into the European Union“.

They demanded to prohibit and prevenet misuse of permanently increasing knowledge in science and technology and to „responsible usage for the benefit of man - an individual and human community as well“.

They demanded to support „ the laws protecting human life since the moment of conception up to natural death, laws protecting human dignity, identity, integrity and elementary human and civil rights“.

To ban the human cloning and all „dangerous manipulations or experiments that endanger the life or health of human embryo, foetus of conceived child“, to ban „creating of human embryos, creating them for purpose of research“ such as „research that threatens their life or the health of human embryo“.

They declared to „support the research of somatic (adult) stem cells and the research of all biomedical procedures and technologies mainly diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the field of molecular biology and medical genetics respecting human life, dignity, identity, integrity, health and real good of a person“.

And stated against the „interference into human genome transferred to progeny as well as any other forms of negative discrimination as a consequence of genetic inheritance of an individual or a certain group“.

And stated to protect the family , „family based on marriage of husband and wife“, the rights of children and dignity of a woman. They stated against all forms of „trafficking human beings, human organs and tissues and all forms of new slavery“.

Let us create and develope new Europe „as a continent of hope, justice and peace for all its nations and people and nations of the whole world“. „In permanent and open friendly dialogue of all people of good will where Christians of Europe play an irreplaceable role and bear responsibility to which they are personally and together invited when spreading and realising Evangelium Vitae“.