Spiritual Leaders of University Students gathered in Rome

( [email protected] ) Dec 12, 2003 10:20 AM EST

Italy - At the papal Lateran University in Rome, meeting of spiritual pastors of university students from the entire Europe was held in the beginning of December with the main theme: Pastoral dimension in mobility of european students.

Council of Europian pontificial conferences (CCEE) invited representatives of 45 europian countries. Bishops like Tomas Galis from Slovakia, John Magee from Irland, Marek Jedraszewski from Poland , Werner Guballa from Germany, Peter Henrici from Swiss and Everard de Jong from Holland took part in.

Participants listened to the lecture of secretory of Papal Council for pastoration of emigrants and travellers archbishop Agostino Marchetta and secretory of Bishop conference of Italy archbishop Giuseppe Betori about preparation for 2nd europian day of university students. This should take part on 13, may 2004 carrying the name: Do not worry! I'm the First and Last and Alife (Rev 1,17)