Gift of God's Peace Revealed through Christ

One Week Prayer for the Unity of Christians
( [email protected] ) Jan 30, 2004 12:44 PM EST


"Man has the biggest desire deep inside of him, it's to gain the peace. But many times he doesn't know this, he is seeking for with all his passion and the way he wants to reach it, are not always the ways of God. That's why we have to learn from the history, how to search for the peace and hear how God is notifying this gift of peace in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ with His suffering and death reconciled man with God, payed for the sin and reopened for the mankind the way to God. Man stopped to be obey for hell and condemned to death. By Jesus's effort came peace between God and man", proclaimed Mons.Jan Babjak from greek-catholic church in Presov, Slovakia.

During the Week of Prayers hold in Presov from 18th to 25th January, 2004, many beleviers from all different churches met and prayed to God and meditated on the theme: Peace - the Fruit of God.

Jan Babjak emphasized that the salvation meens to receive tthe forgivness of our sins and reconciliation with God and "who is not receiving this, he is not receiveing anything from the Christianity. All the moral principles, whole teaching about faith without forgivness of the sins becomes only useless theory. Christ came to save us, save us from sin and its results- from the demnation" and continues:

"This week of prayers for the unity of the christians is held in the Spirit of Christ's peace. With these common prayers we want to ask for the people of today's world, as well for us the gift of God's peace. We want to be Christians not only by the name, but foremost by the deads. We want not only to talk about the peace, but we desire for transmiting it to this world."

At the end of this week was held service in Presov, eastern Slovakia, with a main topic: "To go towards the Peace of Christ", where Mons. Ján Babjak, Igor Mišina from evagelical chuch, Daniel Jurèo and many greek-catholics, roman-catholics and evangelists gathered and ended service with prayer to our Saviour:

"Oh Lord, give us strength to find your peace in humble and encouraged ministry to the smallest members of your family".

"Between the peace Jesus is offering to us and how much we can inherit it and live by that in this world, is close connection. Can we satisfied ourselves, be peaceful even if one of the smallest suffers for unreighteusness, starving, nakedness or anythig else, what is humbling his dignity, which was given to him as the work of God.

"God is giving us time to live through again everything during the whole year. Everyday prayer, reading the Word of God and listening to the God's voice, which is calling us to unite with Him, is the best way how to be united between ourselves", were the last words from Mons. Babjak and the graceful gathering of all christians together.