Switzerland: Football stadium for "the day of Christ"

( [email protected] ) Feb 24, 2004 03:16 AM EST

13th june 2004 Christian communities, churches, fellowships and individuals from all over Switzerland gather in the St.Jacob football stadium in Basel where the "Day of Christ" will be held. 25'000 Chrisitans out of the 2800 political Swiss communities are expected to attend the event. From every political country one representative will carry the flag of his community and all representatives will build a symbolical cross together.

One purpose of the event is to pray as intercessors for the political communities, the Swiss government and the population. The representatives who carry the flag are encouraged to start a prayer group in their political community if there is has not yet been built any.

The preparations for the big for the big event are being done diligently. Four Evangelical organisations as main coordinators as well as several Christian institutions and individuals work for the gathering. The history of the day of Christ Switzerland started in 1980 and has been realized 5 times so far. The event is an official proclamation of the union of all Christian denominations. In this great gathering the believers rejoice together and proclaim the living Jesus Christ and aim to proclaim Him powerfully to the public.