Pressure in Iraq

Mar 13, 2003 12:19 PM EST

Citizens of Iraq prepare themselves for pre-emptive war against the U.S. Missionary Ron Ensminger with ministry group SAT-7 says the pressure is taking its toll. "The increased tensions, the increased uncertainty, the lack of hope, the effect of the long-lasting sanctions that have been in the region are driving the people to look for answers. [And,] They're finding reasons for hope in Christian television and they're calling and they're asking for answers to their questions; they're asking for copies of the Bible." Ensminger says the church is also responding to the increasing spiritual needs. "It is not illegal to be a Christian in Iraq. There are evangelical, Catholic, Orthodox churches who meet openly, and SAT-7 is committed to supporting them through Christian television programming that supports the whole family, and it's produced in their language in the region."

By Pauline J.