Spain May Become First Roman Catholic Nation to Legalize Homosexual Marriage

( [email protected] ) Jun 01, 2004 08:09 PM EDT

Spain may soon legalize homosexual marriage. Spain's Socialist Government, which came into power in March after the Madrid bombings, wants to introduce legislation to its 'reform' program during its first term.

The program includes legalizing same-sex marriages as well as loosening current criteria for abortions and introducing fast-track divorce procedures.

It was reported that Luis López Aguilar, the Justice Minister said, "homosexual people should, within their legal rights, have the same possibilities as heterosexuals to contract marriage.”

Legalizing the Government's program will make Spain the first Roman Catholic nation that allows same-sex marriages.

Pro-life Christians are strongly opposing the introduction of this program, and the news about legalizing same-sex marriages has increased many Christians' concerns that marriage against the teachings of the Bible are fast becoming normal on a global scale.

Spain's case is also regarded as particularly important, as if the proposed legislation goes ahead it may increase the risk of other Catholic nations following suit in allowing same-sex marriages in their countries.

This issue is expected to raise even further the already heated debate on same-sex marriages, which have been in the public spotlight recently after homosexual marriages were legalized in parts of America.