Hillsong 'Maximized Leadership' Conference Attracts over 700 Church Leaders

( [email protected] ) Aug 04, 2004 07:30 PM EDT

LONDON - During a two day conference entitled "Maximized leadership", Hillsong Pastors Brian Houston and Gary Clark delivered a number of lively messages to the hundreds of church leaders and Pastors that attended. Special guest Paul De Jong from New Zealand also joined and shared gracious teachings on how people can improve their leadership qualities.

Brain Houston:

Using the Parable of the Talents from the Gospel of Matthew, Houston encouraged everyone not to hide their talents which God had given to them.

"God gave talents to each person according to his ability, and that all we need is to work harder to fulfil it; God will provide more each time," he said.

Houston added, "God has given each of us talents and we have no right to hide what God has given us as it is not ours to hide. We are called to impact the communities and nations!"

Using Matthew 25:19, Houston emphasized "after a long time" to make the point that it didn't happen over night. Each of us are born with purpose. If you fulfil it then more will be given. If you don't, then all you have will be taken away. So rise up to your potential then you will be given more and have abundance. Houston called on the leaders to "Live lives of purpose."

Paul De Jong:

De Jong said God looks for people today who look beyond physical things, referring to the experience of Moses when God appeared to him in the burning bush in Exodus 3, De Jong exhorted, "We should call on God to allow us to work beyond our human capabilities."

"After Moses realizes God's will, he asked God what if they don't listen to me? God will take us beyond of what we can see. When we are called, we have this insecurity inside us, the solution is, you either isolate insecurity of it isolates you," De Jong said.

Gary Clark:

Gary Clark pointed out that a leader must be an example, a coach, a manager, a problem solver, a strategist and a communicator.

"We must work together as a team, this is to give the leadership. Believe in the best of people, believe in the people God has brought to us, and believe in the potential of people!"

The whole conference ended with the Saturday night service.

The next visit of Hillsong United to the UK will be on August 11-20.