NRK Apologizes for Spiritualism for Kids

Nov 15, 2002 03:00 AM EST

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) has issued an apology for airing an animated Swedish film involving Ouija boards, spirit conjuring and fortune telling on early morning children's TV last Saturday.

"This episode of the Swedish (children's) series "3 friends and Jerry" should not have been broadcast. Our quality control routines have not been good enough this time," said Kalle Furst, head of Children and Youth programming at NRK to the Christian Press Office.

In the cartoon children learn how to ask spirits about the future with the help of candles, a glass and a Ouija board. Viewers get the sense that the answers become reality.

"It is astounding that Children's TV broadcasts such programs. The Ouija board is not a toy, but rather something used to make contact with spirits," said Professor Arild Romarheim at the Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology in Oslo.

"We are experience a general "occultification" of society today where the borderlines between fiction and reality are becoming increasingly difficult to draw," said Romarheim.

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]