Looking for a Miracle in Raising Your Kids? Consider This ...

Dec 17, 2002 08:50 AM EST

A Christian couple has released a unique book outlining the major concepts of biblical parenting -- and in doing so, they hope to give parents the foundational elements of how to raise and disciple their children.

In Miracle Parenting, authors Phil and Cynthia Phillips approach parenting from the perspective of how God parents us. They write that much like that relationship, discipleship of children involves training, teaching, correction, and reward.

Phil says their new family-training curriculum shows parents how to truly bless their children on a daily basis. But he points out the curriculum deals not only with parent/child relationships, but also acts as a mini-marriage and relationship with God seminar.

"Throughout the Bible, most of the time when Jesus did a miracle, He gave someone a small instruction beforehand," Phil says. "This course is not a miracle for someone -- it is simply that small instruction that we can do so that the Holy Spirit can do the rest of the job.

"[As parents] we're to set the stage for the Holy Spirit to work in our children's lives."

Through the course, Phil says, parents gain an understanding of how to biblically train their children, preparing them for the ministry of the church. According to the author, an untrained child cannot be taught.

"Knowledge without wisdom puffs up and brings arrogance," he explains. "That's why so many children have that arrogant attitude today -- parents have focused on teaching the child 'head' knowledge without instilling in them the training and character necessary to carry that head knowledge eventually as wisdom."

Among other things, the Phillipses also discuss ways to protect children from eight influences that could unravel everything a parent has tried to do. They say families are seeing tremendous results from the course, which is being translated into several foreign languages.

By Jim Brown