Acteens Youth Ministries Pass the Cross Nationwide

Mar 27, 2003 02:51 PM EST

PINEVILLE, La. -- A six-foot tall cross passes from church to church, carrying with it, a longing for the Great Commission. Since 1998, Acteens youth ministries passed the cross nationwide to supplement its Crosswalk project. During the week that a church’s group has the cross, they are challenged to study Luke 9:23 and to conduct a mission project in their community.

Pam Smith, former ministry consultant for Women’s Ministry Union calls Crosswalk a statewide awareness and ministry project that encourages youth to become actively involved in the Great Commission.

"We have been really excited about what it's meant to our state and how the youth have responded," said Janie Wise, Acteens ministries associate for the Louisiana Baptist Convention. "Our goal was to involve as many Acteens in ministry as possible." Louisiana youth have taken their Crosswalk responsibilities seriously, she added; they have been organized and very much "in charge" during the various ministry projects.

According to Wise, Acteens is an excellent way to instill a missions lifestyle in the youth; it helps teens build a biblical foundation for missions around the world.

The cross has also affected adults in the communities. "The adults in these churches have been telling me that having the cross in their area has been truly meaningful," Wise said. "They're sometimes not aware of what the youth are doing and this shows them all the service they're providing."

The six-foot tall Acteens cross traveled originally from Florida to Kentucky in 1998. The cross then traveled to Mississippi, then to Louisiana. The cross is scheduled to pass through the state of Wyoming by the end of the year.

By Pauline J.