I Saw The Face Of Jesus

( [email protected] ) Jan 26, 2005 02:43 PM EST

by Annonymous

I looked for a sign that God still cared

That He knew my hurts and fears.

I looked in a church where people shared

In songs and prayer and words.

But lonely eyes were looking back

They seemed as scared as I

And so I knew they too were searching

For release from all their fears.

I watched a little child at play

So trusting and all smiles

I saw a tiny bird carress its wings

Then pause a while

And to look at me before he flew away

I saw an old man and woman sitting, quietly holding hands

Not speaking- but smiling

Remembering a long-ago day.

I saw a rose bud open its tiny face to the sun

Expecting and finding the love for which it had come.

A raindrop touched me softly and as I looked up to see

A beautiful, heavenly rainbow smiled back at me.

God's face is not confined

Not limited to place or time

For I saw His face around me

In His world He refreshes every day.

He still creates and patiently waits

For all of us to see

The face of Jesus

Looking at us so lovingly!

Yes! My soul cried out-

God still loves and cares for me.

The signs are all around me,

I just have to take the time to see.