Heaven is Our Goal

( [email protected] ) Jan 29, 2005 01:24 PM EST

by James Brown Jr.

There have been so many who came, and so many who’s gone.

We’ll stand on our Gods word, and we don’t stand alone.

It’s His whole word, that we so desperately need.

As we read our Bibles, there well be many who won’t take heed.

But I know, if His word I read, one day I will truly succeed.

Now Heaven is our goal, soon to be our new home.

When we walk in Our Gods way, we are not walking alone.

And one day, we’ll meet in heaven, some where around our Gods throne.

Now when I meet you, while on my heavenly stroll,

That’s a place of peace, where we will never grow old;

Then you will understand, how heaven was made our goal.

And that it was Christ's precious blood,

That paid the price and purchase, for all of our very souls.