Bored with Being a Christian? Try Faith For a Change!

( [email protected] ) Mar 19, 2005 03:21 PM EST

There's an easy way to check up on the state of your spiritual life as a Christian. That's to ask yourself honestly whether you¡¦re bored, either right now, or most of the time. If the answer is yes, chances are something's missing when it comes to your path of faith. I'd like to suggest something even more troubling: perhaps it's your faith itself.

If living by faith has one characteristic that's universal to all believers, it's unpredictability. When the Holy Spirit is hemming you in, who can say where you'll be or what you'll be doing and how from moment to moment? In other words, putting faith in your footsteps makes everything faster and lighter, like flying-and who could be bored on the back of the wind?

The problem, however, is not with the wind, but the fear that keeps our feet flat on the ground. Rather than fly, we'd rather remain on the slow, steady path that's directly ahead. This is makes sense for all intents and purposes-all except following Jesus, that is.

Jesus Christ lived by a more thrilling standard. Rather than letting tomorrow's concerns hinder his work for the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus turned everything over God and advised his disciples to do the same thing. The result: salvation for all who believe that He is the Truth, the Life and the Way.

Following Jesus is something exciting-in addition to being both joyous and tough. Let's reflect on this during our daily routine, and be challenged to always go forward by faith.

Tracy McNeal

Christian Post Contributor